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The Kinema

"Movement" in ancient Greek

Passionnée par les mémoires cellulaires et leurs informations, Aurélie Polata vous accompagne pour découvrir ce qui est inscrit en vous.

Cinema was born from my life course, experiences,

knowledge, encounters, sharing and the irrepressible desire for understanding.

The global nature of the care is the legacy of etio medicine which was a revelation for me after a course already rich in training, particularly in cellular information, quantum medicine, decoding of beliefs and schematic mechanisms.

Kinéma is intended to be a so-called treatment treatment both physically and mentally as well as emotionally.

The information written in your cells will come to light thanks to the taking of the pulse, the awareness of your patterns and behaviors will then appear and be transmuted.

Kinéma is about discovering yourself and everything around you.


Sometimes all it takes is one meeting and everything changes...

It is quite difficult to understand what is happening during the treatment but what is felt in the body and on an emotional level is breathtaking.

I have only one word: THANK YOU


My life has taken on a totally new meaning for me since I entered the world of therapy with Kinema, I feel free, in my place, in love and above all I welcome with gratitude even the least moments. pleasant which are becoming more and more rare, my phobias have disappeared and many other ailments, thank you with all my heart.


The first time I did a treatment I was skeptical but when Aurélie gave me the precise information of my life by going through all the understandings with me, I understood that I was finally on the voice of the healing, therapy is an emotional and mental release. we feel lighter. THANKS.




Aurelie Polata


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Thank you for what you sent !

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