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My story

I am Aurélie Polata, therapist for almost 15 years, my curiosity and my insatiable desire for understanding pushed me to be trained in so-called quantum energy therapies, because in the infinitely small all information circulates and whatever the medium this information must be brought into consciousness to be transformed so that their actions in our lives are right.

Thus I was able to discover, aromatherapy and aromatic shiatsu, plants and their benefits, theta healing and its fantastic adventure towards anatomical vision, fractal medicine and of course etio medicine, a real science of information. human feeling and much more.. my research, my reading, my sharing are my biggest library and every day I feed on it even in the most powerful waves because this is how we can be present in the waves of others.

My universe is vast and constantly expanding, every morning I know I'm going to learn and every evening I know I'm traveling to discover. Transmitting and seeing the light return to the eyes of the seeker are the most extraordinary moments.

I lived abroad for many years, it opened me up to other cultures, religions and ways of life, which undeniably opened my mind to the diversity of our humanity.

The human being is at the heart of a major transformation and even more currently, we are all actors in what is taking place in our lives and on our planet, I am firmly convinced that by advancing in self-understanding, we let us advance towards the understanding of all.

I have been living in Aix-en-Provence since March 2022, I receive only by appointment.

The training courses are under study and will be available at the end of 2025.

See you soon to begin the journey to infinite beauty.

Aurelie Polata

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